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Maxxlube Instant Cleaner is the latest development in the field of fuel-system cleaners. Developed to meet the most recent environmental standards, Maxxlube Instant Cleaner rapidly and thoroughly dissolves resin, gum, carbon and similar deposits in the fuel system, the exhaust gas oxy-sensor and the catalytic converter. Maxxlube Instant Cleaner is suitable for both gasoline / L.P.G and diesel engines (also TDI and Common Rail Diesel Injection Systems), and is also very easy to use.
Foulness, especially soot and carbon build-ups, not only drastically reduces engine performance, it can have other very serious (and almost always expensive) consequences, including burnt valves, increased oil and fuel consumption, and a malfunctioning oxy-sensor and catalytic converter. A fouled engine also causes harmful exhaust gas emissions (in the case of gasoline engines) and soot emissions (in diesel engines). These contaminated exhaust emissions may also explain why your vehicle’s catalytic converter is not functioning optimally. Maxxlube Instant Cleaner not only prevents foulness of your catalytic converter – it removes existing deposits as well.


Product Description

Engine foulness can have serious consequences for your vehicle’s fuel system, including loss of compression, engine knock, hesitation on start-up, strongly fluctuating oxy-sensor signal, freezing of the air intake manifold or engine overheating, loss of power, and excessive fuel consumption. As soon as Maxxlube Instant Cleaner has been added to the fuel and the engine has been started up, it goes straight into action cleaning the fuel system. Maxxlube Instant Cleaner penetrates the carbon deposits and dissolves them into a paste that the combusted exhaust gasses carry with them when they leave the exhaust. The following parts of your fuel system are cleaned in the process:
Fuel tank Jets Valves Piston rings
Fuel lines Intake manifold Valve stems Pistons
Carburetor Oxy-sensor Valve seats Cylinder head
Injectors Turbocharger Throttle valve Catalytic converter
It is not just a rough, hesitating engine with incomplete fuel combustion that can cause carbon build-up – the choice of fuel can be a contributory factor as well. Now that leaded gasoline is prohibited almost everywhere, fuel suppliers are turning to new octane boosters. Unfortunately, the most commonly used boosters are alcohol-based derivatives that can cause carbon build-up in the combustion chamber.
Loss of compression is often caused by carbon deposit on the piston rings or by agglomeration on the valves. In the latter case, the build-up can be so severe that it prevents the valves from closing properly – in extreme situations, this can even result in burnt valves. Maxxlube Instant Cleaner dissolves this carbon deposit, so that these problems are not only eliminated but can even be prevented.
Among the components on which carbon deposits agglomerate are piston rings. This causes them to lose their tension and considerably reduces the effectiveness of the seal between the piston and the cylinder. This, in its turn, allows an excessive amount of oil to seep into the combustion chamber, where it ignites. Not only does this increase oil consumption, it also causes further carbon build-ups in the cylinders. The oil/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber combusts incompletely, resulting in the emission both of environmentally-harmful exhaust gases, such as CO2-NOx, and soot: these emissions considerably shorten the life of your valuable catalytic converter.
Foulness of the carburetor or injection system can be caused not only by deposits in the fuel tank, but also by build-up in the crankcase breather that bonds to the air filter. Jets and injectors (in diesel engines: atomizers) become plugged and valves get dirty, resulting in a change in the fuel supply and/or error codes in the engine management system and/or a strongly fluctuating lambda signal. In this situation, it becomes almost impossible to achieve a correct air-fuel ratio. These problems, combined (as before) with an incomplete sealing of the cylinders, cause fuel consumption to rise. Tests on fouled engines have revealed that the addition of Maxxlube Instant Cleaner can reduce fuel consumption by 5 – 12%, in accordance with ECE standards.
When carbon settles on the valves, it absorbs some of the fuel that is being fed to the cylinders. It is precisely at those moments when you put your foot down (when accelerating, for example, or climbing hills) that this accumulated fuel is sucked up again, which can cause excessive fuel to be fed to the cylinders. The detonation of this fuel, which combusts only with difficulty, can be heard in the form of ‘engine knock’. Maxxlube Instant Cleaner offers you a vigorous and fast way of removing the offending carbon build-up.
When an engine that has been tuned to manufacturer specifications ‘runs on’, it is a sign that so much carbon has agglomerated that it will start smoldering as long as the engine is running. This means that, even when the ignition has been switched off, the engine will run on until all the fuel in the combustion chamber has been completely burned up. This is why it is so important to remove any carbon that has agglomerated on the pistons and the cylinder head.
Maxxlube Instant Cleaner is also suitable for cleaning the turbocharger and Exhaust gas Oxy-sensor, if these are present in your vehicle. The exhaust gases emitted by dirty engines contain, among other things, soot and oil particulates that can cause serious foulness of the turbocharger and oxy-sensor. Initially, soot or carbon particulates entering the turbocharger agglomerate on the turbine paddle wheel. This causes the turbine paddle wheel to go out of true – and once that has happened, it is only a matter of time before it gets broken. There is also a chance that these soot and oil particulates will ignite as a result of the extremely high temperatures in the turbocharger – this also can cause considerable damage. Foulness of the oxy-sensor interferes with the functioning of the oxy-probe, which causes the probe to give off strongly fluctuating signals and makes the engine management system go haywire. Not only can Maxxlube Instant Cleaner solve these problems – it can actually prevent them from arising at all.
Foulness causes engine hesitation. This problem can be solved by enriching or leaning out the fuel delivery. This, however, leads to noxious exhaust gas emissions. Besides increased oil consumption and badly closing valves, a substantial increase in the emission of environmentally harmful gases such as HC and CO2 must be expected. Maxxlube Instant Cleaner ensures that your fuel and combustion systems are really clean, which means that you can tune your engine properly and/or make sure that your engine management system is functioning at peak efficiency. This optimizes combustion and substantially reduces harmful exhaust gas emissions.
Faulty combustion can also extensively damage your catalytic converter. This is why it is so important for your car’s engine to run smoothly, and for the fuel mixture to be in the correct proportion. If the engine has partially-clogged injectors, for example, and the injection time has, as a result, risen above 2.5 ms, the engine management system will switch over to the emergency frequency and feed the engine a fixed (and incorrect) amount of fuel. Combustion of the resulting mixture will produce such large amounts of soot that the catalytic converter will become clogged. The normal setting for the Oxy probe is 0.2 – 0.8 V. If the sensors (i.e. the oxy-sensor and the air-flow sensor) are dirty, the Oxy probe will pass on a setting to the engine management system of
0.7 – 0.8 V, with the result that (even when idling) the engine will be fed far too much fuel. This fuel will be returned, incompletely combusted, to the catalytic converter via the exhaust manifold, and the converter will then catch fire, as has actually happened on many occasions. Regular use of Maxxlube Instant Cleaner avoids these problems. In addition, it also cleans the catalytic converter. Non-flammable, it will be carried along by the exhaust gases to the catalytic converter, where it will dissolve the carbon that has agglomerated there. Maxxlube Instant Cleaner can therefore save you the trouble and expense of replacing your valuable catalytic converter.
A major problem with diesel engines is soot emissions. Among the major causes are plugged injectors and carbon build-up in the intake manifold. This will result in the engine being fed too much diesel fuel, the results of which can actually be seen in the form of soot emissions from the exhaust during acceleration and cold starts. As with gasoline engines, the soot causes the catalytic converter to become clogged. The problems caused by these soot emissions are so severe that the European Community has implemented special measures to deal with them. All diesel engines have to undergo soot emission tests, and those with excessively high soot emissions will simply be rejected. Not only can the use of Maxxlube Instant Cleaner save you the trouble and expense of replacing your vehicle’s catalytic converter and atomizers, it can also contribute to a cleaner environment.




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