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Improves and maintains the performance of the engine
Contamination of engine's fuel system is a huge problem these days. Modern cars are equipped with sensitive valves and sensors controlled by the computer management system. One of the valves that can cause technical malfunctions is the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) which is a NOx emissions reduction system in modern petrol and diesel engines. Since the EGR system recirculates a portion of exhaust gases, over time the valve can become clogged with carbon deposits that prevent it from working properly. In most modern engines, a faulty or disabled EGR system will cause the computer to display a “Check Engine” light and the vehicle to fail an emission test. It is therefore important to clean the EGR valve regularly.
Maxxlube Intake Cleaner contains an effective cleaning foam that not only cleans your EGR system but also removes carbon deposits in your combustion system. It effectively cleans the intake manifold, valves, piston rings, sensors, carburetor etc..
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Product Description

This product is suitable for as well new cars as older cars and only to be used in the workshops by a mechanic. The treatment with Maxxlube Intake Cleaner is not only to get rid of the pollution but also to prevent it. Maxxlube Intake Cleaner is suitable for use on gasoline, diesel, fuel injection engines and cars with L.P.G. installation. Maxxlube Intake Cleaner removes carbon deposits but is not aggressive to rubber and synthetic products, and the catalyst will not be affected.
Carbon deposits in the engine will show itself in many ways. Listen carefully to any complaints made by the customer. Make a test drive or measure the compression and analyze the exhaust gasses. You will probably recognize one or more of the following symptoms!
Because of the carbon deposits on the top of the piston, the volume of the combustion chamber will be reduced and therefore the compression increases. This will result in an engine that pings. This symptom will show itself especially when the engine has to give extra power, for instance when driving up hill or on acceleration. The fuel mixture will ignite itself without the use of the sparkplug. This can result in damage to the piston and piston shaft. Pinging can be prevented by changing the timing of the ignition, but using this method the engine performance will decrease. A more resolute solution is to remove the carbon deposits with Maxxlube Intake Cleaner
Self Ignition
After driving it is possible that the carbon deposits are still glowing in the combustion chamber and after turning the ignition off the engine runs on. If the carbon deposits are not dissolved this may result in a hole being burnt in the piston. The most relative part is the edge of the piston head where the temperature is the highest. Cleaning of the pistons and cylinder head requires dismantling of the cylinder head, but using Maxxlube Intake Cleaner saves this process.
Oil Consumption
Carbon deposits also effect the piston rings. These will be covered in a varnish like deposit and will loose their flexibility. Due to a bad seal between the cylinder and the piston the amount of oil entering the combustion chamber will be considerable. The oil consumption therefore leads to even more carbon deposits. This process can be prevented with Maxxlube Intake Cleaner.
Differing compressions in the cylinders will cause irregular stationary RPM. Loss of compression in older engines could be mechanical damage but this is not usually the case. Carbon deposits can cause irregular closing of the valves and the piston rings losing their flexibility. These problems can not only be removed but also prevented by using Maxxlube Intake Cleaner.
Fuel consumption
The sump ventilation, which enters the air filter, can cause pollution of the inlet manifold and carburetor. The jets become unreliable for the petrol flow and the air valves will not function properly. It is almost impossible to adjust the fuel mixture in the normal way. These problems together with the poor seal in the cylinders will increase the petrol consumption. After a treatment with Maxxlube Intake Cleaner it is possible to reduce the fuel consumption 5 to 10%. The cleaner is suitable for the combustion chamber, carburetor (injectors) and the inlet manifold.
Exhaust gasses
An out of tune engine will run by enriching the fuel air mixture. This results in a bad emission of exhaust gasses, when combined with high oil consumption and incorrect closure of the valves, result in an increase of CO and CH in the exhaust gasses. Maxxlube Intake Cleaner ensures the carburetor is clean and adjustment will be easier. The oil consumption will be reduced and the combustion chamber more efficient.
By incorporating Maxxlube Intake Cleaner at every major service you not only remove the problems but also prevent them. After using the treatment it is not necessary to return to the garage for re-adjustment. By regular use of Maxxlube Intake Cleaner you not only satisfy the mechanics but also the customer because a clean engine is a better engine, for the owner of the car and our environĀ­ment.


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